Юлмарт — крупнейшая российская частная интернет-компания, специализирующаяся на отрасли электронной коммерции.

Компания входит в топ-50 крупнейших онлайн-ретейлеров мира по версии Deloitte, в десятку самых эффективных компаний Рунета по версии журнала Forbes.

Ulmart - Russia’s leading e-commerce company.

• Fast growth: Turnover reached USD1bn in five years. Founded in 2008 in St Petersburg, today Ulmart has 1.9 million active customers, 400,000 unique visitors of the ulmart.ru website per day and 30,000 daily orders.

• Wide product range: over 130,000 SKUs of Ulmart’s own product range and over 12,000,000 SKUs available for ordering directly from the supplier warehouses.

• Attractive geography: 6 federal districts in the European part of Russia and over 240 Russian cities + nationwide delivery. Innovative business model

• One stop shop offering a wide range of products from computers, household goods and electronics to car accessories, office supplies, sporting, children’s and pet’s goods

 • Ongoing expansion of the e-commerce marketplace to other areas such as travel and tickets, digital content, etc.

• Reliable fulfillment of orders based on a wide network of logistical facilities of various formats and different methods of the pick-up and delivery of goods

 • Convenient Internet and mobile shopping platform

 • A variety of payment options

Сайт компании: www.ulmart.ru


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