Continente To Eliminate Microplastics From Own-Brand Cosmetics By Year End

дек. 10, 2020

Portuguese retailer Continente has pledged to eliminate microplastics from private label hygiene and beauty products by the end of this year.

The decision includes Continente's MyLabel brand, which offers a range of more than 300 cosmetic products in the skin, hair and body care categories.

The initiative precedes the measures approved by the Portuguese Government in the State Budget for 2021 to ban cosmetic products and detergents containing microspheres or microplastics.

Microplastics give opacity to transparent chemicals and are used in exfoliation products.

Environmental Impact

These small particles have a high environmental impact and can make their way to the food chain through marine animals.

In cosmetics, microplastics are often replaced with alternatives made from vegetables, the retailed added.

Tânia Lucas from MyLABEL brand added, "We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that microplastics are not used in our products and, whenever necessary, [we] incorporate plant alternatives that guarantee quality.”