DESPAR Italia Launches Eco-Friendly Product Range

нояб. 10, 2020

DESPAR Italia has launched a new range of environmentally friendly tissues, napkins, toilet paper, kitchen paper, disposable cups and plates under the Scelta Verde EcoLogico range.

The products have a low environmental footprint and offer customers the option to buy sustainable products.

Brand development manager at DESPAR Italia, Michela Cocchi, said “DESPAR’s great focus on reducing the impact on the environment includes the development of our own-brand products.

"We believe that this eco-friendly approach can meet the preference of our customers who are increasingly aware of the environmental footprint of their buying choices.”

The Product Range

The tissues, made of 100% recycled paper, are Eco Label certified, which guarantees that the production process adheres to strict environmental standards.

All products in the Scelta Verde EcoLogico range are packaged in Mater-bi, a biodegradable and compostable material, the company added.

The plates are made of vegetable fibre, while the glasses use PLA, an innovative bioplastic derived from the transformation of sugars and other natural materials.

The hot beverage cups are made of CPLA, a high-temperature resistant bioplastic.