On September 9-10 Crocus Expo is hosting the International exhibition of contract manufacturing and private label - IPLS - a business platform for demonstrating the achievements of the private label market, where industry trendsetters gather.  Successful cases and opportunities for the growth of market players and contract manufacturing in the post-crisis period are going to be discussed on Retail Connect conference during two show days.

In the rapidly changing environment of the market IPLS is a must-attend event for everyone who is searching for reliable partners and fresh ideas: the event bring together over 2 000 private label experts and business leaders who will share anti-crisis cases, industry insights and novelties on the safe ground.


The International exhibition of contract manufacturing and private label IPLS is a combination of various formats: 

  • 106 participating companies from 8 countries - captains of the private label industry; 
  • Various sections of the exposition: food, non-food, packaging and design sectors; 
  • 2 000 unique visitors; 
  • Retail Connect Summit - conference and personal negotiations;
  • Private Label Gallery - private label gallery from retail chains; 
  • Novelty Lab – top 10 new products from show exhibitors; 
  • Private Label Awards – the only professional prize for private labels; 
  • The newest system of online services.


IPLS demonstrates new opportunities, taking into account the adjustments dictated by the global crisis and its various consequences. The show gives an opportunity to get new contacts and negotiate with manufacturers right on the site.

More than 100 reliable private label manufacturers who had shown resilience during the financial crisis are ready to discuss new opportunities for launching products under their own brand takes part in the exhibition with retailers. Here is just a small part of the exhibitors’ names: «Avilor», «Vneshtorgfarma», «Instanta», KF «Pobeda», «Medovyj Dom», «Agroprodukt», «Vkusnoteev», «Mirrolla», York, «Alabino», «Abrazivnye tekhnologii», «Avangard», «Al'ternativa», «Aseptika», «Arhbum Tiss'yu Grupp», «Afalina», «Vestar», «Grand AV», «Dental Kosmetik», «Farmakor Prodakshn», «Grinfild Rus», «Tonar» and many others.

Full list of participants is available on the website.

Food sector is presented by manufacturers of drinks, groceries, ready-made meals and national cuisines, canned food, confectionery and bakery products, animal feed, frozen foods, meat, dairy, fish and low-fat products, natural, dietary and functional products, snacks and chewing gums, vinegars, sauces, condiments, tea and coffee.

Among the participants in the non-food sector are suppliers of household chemicals, perfumery and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food additives, home and repair products, personal hygiene, home textiles and furniture, clothing and footwear, pet products, and packaging.


IPLS provides visitors with an opportunity to get acquainted with successful launches of goods under a private label at the specialised zones of the show and enjoy the atmosphere of live communication with other participants.

Especially for those who follow the best idea generators, IPLS annually presents the top 10 novelties at Novelty Lab area. Best products is presented by: YORK, «AL'TERNATIVA», «GERTEKS», «Grand A.V.», «GRINFILD RUS», «Medovyj dom», «Natur Kosmetikc», «NORVIN», «Treyd Centr», «YUzhnyj Al'yans».

In addition, a collection of retailers private label projects is demonstrated within Private Label Gallery zone. Retailers, HoReCa specialists and brand owners are able to evaluate and select new products, be inspired by ideas from both proven experience and the future. 


In addition to the exhibition, both guests and exhibitors have a chance to visit 2 days of business program, the central event of which will be the Retail Connect Conference. The event provides visitors with personal meetings and an active dialogue with experts who shares valuable information: case studies, prospects forecasts and the latest analytics on the private label market to solve the most pressing business issues.

The 1st day of conference program on September 9 starts with a report by Philip Klevtsov, head of the retail group at Nielsen Russia, on the topic: "Private Label: growth dynamics in categories, buying behaviour, development forecast." On the same day Alina Yukhnevich, head of the Perekrestok private label direction, gives a talk about private brands in new realities, and Sergey Sharyukov, Senior Private Label Manager of the METRO Cash & Carry retail chain make presentation on “Mutual success strategy for the manufacturer and the retailer in the development of private brands”; Anna Zhdanova, project manager of the private label "Utkonos" shares her expertise on private label strategy in online retail based on Utkonos' experience - first private label in Russian e-com. Alexander Temkin, Head of the Development Department of Private Label "Maxi",  shares life hacks on how to negotiate so as to find common ground with suppliers.

In the afternoon, a series of face-to-face meetings between manufacturers and retailers as part of the Retail Connect Summit starts. The companies meet to find new partners and customers. Well-known retailers take part in the negotiations this year: SPAR, «36.6 Drugstore «Dochki&Synochki», «Drogeri Soyuz», TS «Evropa», «Komandor», «Magnit Farma», «Magnoliya», «Maksi», «O`kej», «Perekrestok», «Rigla», «Samberi», «Federal'nyj Zakupochnyj Soyuz», «Erkafarm» and others.

At the end of the first day, the award ceremony of the Private Label Awards runs onsite. Private Label Awards is the only industry award of its kind given to the best FMCG and specialized retail chains and contract manufacturers who had made a special contribution into the market development.


Private Label Awards will determine the winners in 17 nominations:

1.      Responsible approach to private label

2.      Best private label packaging design

3.      Effective promotion of private labels

4.      Breakthrough of the year

5.      The best private label of food products

6.      Best Private Label for Non-Food Products

7.      The best private label in the segment:

•        Cosmetics and perfumery

•        Drogerie

•        Pharmacy

•        Online

•        Goods for kids

•        Products for home and renovation

•        Goods for pets

8.      The best private label in the price segment

•        Economy

•        Middle

•        Premium

9.      Development of private label in the regional network

10.  Best Private Label Department

11.  Buyer's choice

12.  The best manufacturer of private label food products

13.  The best manufacturer of private label non-food products

14.  Effective development of contract manufacturing

15.  Dynamic development of contract manufacturing and private label

16.  Partner of the Year - Long-term and effective cooperation

17.  The best foreign manufacturer of private labels

The second day of Retail Connect Conference- September 10 - will be moderated by Sergei Khitrov, a leading analyst at RBC Market Research. The program includes speeches by Oleg Shatalov, General Director of Detriz Holding, on the topic “Time to create brands!”; life hacks on launching brands from Maxim Babakayev, Depot branding agency strategist. Lyudmila Karnyushkina, Head of Marketing and Assortment Management Department of TS "Europe", sares a talk on private label management during and after the pandemic, and Olga Okereshko, General Director of Biopin Pharma, presents her speech on the impact of the pandemic on the relationship between the contract manufacturer and the customer.




The event’s effectiveness for all participants, as well as onsite comfort and safety is the first priority for the show organiser. Within the organised “Pure Result” program all necessary measures are taken on the show ground in order to cover the event with the healthy environment created for visitors and exhibitors. Each participant is able to receive a sanitizer and disinfectant wipes from the show partners at the registration desk. They are also available at the organiser's office or at the front desk in the Private Label Gallery zone and the Retail Connect Summit.

It is necessary to register online to attend IPLS. Online-registration immediately opens access to the most of the show's online services and allows to plan your visit in the convenient free mobile application Reed Click.

Dates: September 9-10, 2002

Venue: Crocus expo, Pavilion 2, Hall 9

Organiser: Reed Exhibitions Russia

Supported by: AKORT, Rusprodsoyuz

Private Label Awards partners: LVZ «Veresk», KF «Pobeda»

Health partners at the exhibition: «Aseptika», «PRAJMKORP», «Severina»

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See you on September 9-10 at Crocus Expo at the International exhibition of contract manufacturing and private label - IPLS exhibition! We are very glad to be able to hold the long-awaited offline meetings again!