IKEA to make half of its restaurant meals plant-based by 2025

нояб. 26, 2020

Furniture retailer IKEA said Monday that it plans to make half of its restaurant menu meal offerings plant-based by 2025.

Eighty percent of offerings will be non–red meat, and 80% of the packaged food for sale will be plant-based, the company said.

“Research confirms the importance of making sustainable products affordable and desirable, and IKEA can really make a positive difference here,” said Lena Pripp-Kovac, chief sustainability officer at Inter IKEA Group, in a statement.

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“The more sustainable choice shouldn’t be a luxury for the few. It should be part of people’s everyday life.”

IKEA says more than 680 million customers purchased food in the company’s bistros, restaurants and Swedish Food Markets in 2019.

Fans of IKEA’s signature Swedish meatballs don’t have to worry about that popular item going away. The company plans to keep it on the menu, even as, over the past couple of years, IKEA has experimented with other versions of it, including chicken balls, veggie balls and salmon balls.

Plant-based menu options have been expanding in the U.S. and abroad. Beyond Meat Inc. BYND, -1.58% has steadily increased the number of items it offers and the number of retailers and restaurants where its products are available.