SPAR Austria Launches Own-Brand ‘High Protein’ Range

нояб. 02, 2020

SPAR Austria has announced the launch of a range of high protein products under the SPAR quality brand.

The 'High Protein' range includes skyrs, chocolate and vanilla drinks, caffè latte, and crunchy vegan mueslis.

The protein-rich organic sykr is available in vanilla and mango-passion fruit flavours.

A 100-gram portion contains 9 grams of protein and 9 grams of sugar, making it ideal for fitness enthusiasts.

The product is made with organic Austrian milk and has a creamy texture.

The vanilla variant contains organic vanilla extract, while the mango-passion fruit variety is rounded off with a full 20% organic fruit preparation.

Other Products

The High Protein caffe latte is a refrigerated drink that combines protein and caffeine.

With 26% protein and just 0.5% fat per 100 gram, the drink is an ideal stimulant and source of protein.

The range also offers protein drinks in chocolate and vanilla flavours.

Both drinks are free from sweeteners and offer 34 grams of protein and 14% of the daily requirement of calcium.

The High Protein line also offers vegan crunchy mueslis in three variants - peanuts, red berries, and chocolate pumpkin seeds.

The product contains basic ingredients that are rich in protein and fibre, such as nuts, rice, and wheat.

The mueslis are also free from palm oil, preservatives, or added colouring.