Tesco Launches New Plant-Based Food Range


Tesco has announced that it has launched a new range of affordable, plant-based food items.

Branded as Tesco Plant Chef, the range includes butternut cauliflower macaroni pasta, breaded soya goujons, battered fish-free fillets, and mushroom pizza.

The retailer will also install dedicated plant-based and vegetarian zones in its stores to help customers find the products easily.

'Biggest Impact'

Derek Sarno, head of Tesco’s plant-based innovation, said, "The biggest impact we can make as individuals, for our health but also that of the planet, is to eat more plants".

“At Tesco, we’re making that easier than ever by providing the widest and best range of plant-based options available on the UK high street.”

Some of the items from the new range will also be placed in the meat aisle to offer flexitarians an alternative, the retailer said.

Culinary Trend

According to IRI data from September 2019, plant-based foods have emerged as the biggest culinary trend of the decade, with demand helping to boost the chilled vegetarian/vegan sector by 31%.

The new range aims to cater to this demand by offering easy to prepare plant-based swaps of traditional family favourite dishes.

The retail giant also aims to add more plant-based food items to its Wicked Kitchen range.

Source: esmmagazine.com